Ignacio Carbajo software engineer

With several years of experience with JavaScript and other technologies, a scientific background and continuously learning, I have a great passion for all the multiple facets of software development


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  • Origin Madrid


The depth is in JavaScript and Linux, the breadth in Rust, Python and Haskell

Part of the picture of what I use can be seen by visiting my GitHub profile repositories and contributions or my other social networks accounts

Professional Interests

  • User Satisfaction
    • Optimize communication channels
    • Discuss, explain and understand
    • Enjoy and deliver
  • Quality
    • Minimize extrinsic or incidental complexity
    • Monitor with code analysis, static typing, tests, …
    • Be aware of projects’ variable lifecycles
  • Performance
    • Automate when it is worthy
    • Detect bottlenecks
    • Create custom bash scripts and editor plugins for projects